Junior College Football Scholarships and Recruiting

A JUCO football scholarship can be a real alternative for football players who want to keep playing football at the college level but don’t want to undertake a complete four year degree course. If you have not met the NCAA eligibility requirements then Community colleges can provide another pathway to gaining entrance to a four year college.

Junior colleges offer a wide range of associate degrees and 2 year certificate courses that are recognized throughout the country. Your football ability can help pay for your degree and at the same time you get to play football at an elite level.

There have been many talented football players who missed out on gaining a football scholarship at an NCAA school when they were playing in high school. Often times athletes who decide to play at the junior college level for 1 or 2 years are later offered football scholarships at NCAA schools, including division 1 schools. Junior College can be a great place to boost your grades and further develop your skill set before playing at the NCAA level.

RECRUITING TIP: Don’t give up if you are not recruited by an NCAA school. Send your resume/profile out to junior college coaches. There are many great opportunities at this level and can be a stepping stone to the NCAA level.

Recruiting at the JUCO level is not as competitive as in the NCAA but the standard of football played at this level is still high. If you want to earn a football scholarship at this level you still need to actively market yourself and put your football resume into the hands of the people that count, the football coaches. Just like with the NCAA level, if coaches don’t know who you are, how can they recruit you?