How to contact a football coach

The first thing you need to do is put together your online football recruiting profile or resume. Football coaches are contacted by high school athletes everyday so you have to make sure your information stands outs. The best starting point is joining our recruiting network so you can gain exposure and get your information out to college coaches. If you are serious about getting a football scholarship you must be proactive in the recruiting process.

RECRUITING TIP: Don’t just email coaches a couple of sentences asking them come check you out. They won’t! You have to show a coach that you are serious about being recruited by having a detailed profile with stats, recruiting information, upcoming schedule, video etc. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression!

What coaches want to see in your resume/profile:

    • Academic information (Grades, SAT Score etc.)
    • Football statistics
    • Upcoming game and camp/combines schedule
    • Game video and/or highlight video
    • Picture
    • Background Information

You can gather a coaches email addresses from most university staff directories or their schools football page online. Be sure to email not only the head coach but also your position coach as well. The more coaches you contact at a school, the more likely they will see your information and contact you back.

RECRUITING TIP: Make sure to use a proper looking email address when communicating with coaches. Coaches want to see that you are mature and ready for college. Don’t ever use an email address like or Instead use something like Your email address is the first thing a coach will see and it will leave an impression.

Contacting football coaches is your responsibility. Joining an online recruiting network is a great place for you to contact coaches and for them to learn more about you as well. The National Collegiate Scouting Association offers a great online service. Click here for NCSA Reviews. In addition to having a recruiting profile it’s a great idea to also email coaches directly as well.

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