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Are you good enough to play football at the college level and earn a scholarship? The most important thing you need to do is be proactive and reach out to the college football coaches. It’s really simple; if college football coaches don’t know who you are they can’t recruit you. It’s only the very top players in the country that can wait for the recruiters to contact them (ESPN top 150). Check out the football recruiting tips on our site and start your recruiting today.

RECRUITING TIP – Grades, skill level and work ethic are all important, but getting your name out there to coaches is the most important step in the recruiting process.

Being offered a football scholarship at a NCAA division one school is the ultimate dream of most high school athletes but there are many more football scholarship opportunities out there; NCAA division two and three, NAIA and NJCAA.

The NCAA allows each division 1A college football program 85 scholarships and each division 1AA college 63 athletic scholarships. In division 2 there are 36 Scholarships. To retain division I status, a football team must have 76.5 football scholarship players and can carry 85 active scholarship players. In division I-AA, schools have 63 scholarships, usually divided among 85 players.

Unlike most other college sports football, at the NCAA level, is a head count sport so the scholarships are full-ride. There are 117 division 1A,124 division 1AA and 150 division 2 colleges that offer football scholarships. That’s a total of 23,157 football scholarships available just in the NCAA.

RECRUITING TIP – Don’t just concentrate on the top division 1 colleges, many of these bigger schools usually have a large number of potential athletes that they are actively recruiting. Unless you are at the top of your game and an elite player, then the odds are that you won’t get a football scholarship offer. Make sure you look at schools at all different levels.

You have to contact the college football coaches, you have to market yourself. There is nothing wrong with smaller division 1, division 2 or NAIA colleges. At the end of the day it’s your education that’s important.



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